Saturday, 14 December 2013

Grown Ups

Another "terrible-as-a-movie-but-good-if-you-want-a-laugh"film starring, someone who doesn't seem to be in any movies not in that category, Adam Sandler. Grown ups, as you're probably expecting from a Sandler, is a bit on the cheesy side. This movie was sewn with a thread made from cheap jokes and obvious plot-lines pulled by a needle called Dennis Dugan (the Director.) I was disappointed by Grown ups (even if I was slightly expecting it) in fact if I was watching it on my own (I wasn't) I wouldn't have watched it to the end. Now I'm not saying it wasn't good, it had some laughs that did actually make people do what it's called (laugh) but I'm still going to rate it a "decent" (fifty percent.)

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