Thursday, 26 December 2013

The Harry Hill Movie

If I'm honest, I was a bit disappointed with the Harry Hill film. It was good but I bet if I could go back in time and change this film so it was exactly the same except one thing was changed, and that thing was someone else playing Harry's part, EVERYONE will say that they thought the movie was terrible. It did have some good bits though that were quite funny, but then some random bits that were hard to understand, for example when Harry's evil brother (Otto) attempted to catch Harry and 'Nan' he released two giant brains with mouths, sharp teeth and legs which they didn't explain at all he just yelled "RELEASE THE BRAAAAAINS!!!!" and they just appeared. I am a big fan of Harry Hill and was very disappointed by this production (Harry Hill is better at half hour TV shows than making movies) which is exactly why I'll rate it a "rubbish" (two out of seven D-:)

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