Wednesday, 25 December 2013

How the Grinch stole christmas

The creepiest creature I've ever seen, in fact when I first watched the film and saw Jim Carrey as that repulsive green mutant I barely managed to keep my cool and stop myself from screaming and running out plus I had nightmares.  I personally didn't really enjoy the Grinch but I have to say it's good for small/young children. I really don't understand all the people in it, I mean they've had something done with their face that makes them look mega-scary, well what's the problem with normal people's faces are they too old and out of fashion? I think they should make a new version of the Grinch where he just does stuff like beat carol singers to death and stuff like that. I rate The Grinch a "decent" BUT that's only if you're of an age of about ten or older, if you're younger than ten then you'll probably quite enjoy it, MERRY CHRISTMAS LOSERS!!!

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