Saturday, 21 December 2013

World War Z

I Thoroughly enjoyed World War Z a lot but it wasn't very realistic, if you get bitten by a zombie you don't turn in twelve seconds, it takes about twenty four hours which is multiplied by seven thousand two hundred and zombies don't have amazing strength, in fact they have less than humans. There is many more unrealistic stuff but that's not what this blog's about (anyway every zombie movie is unrealistic.) I quite like how they didn't actually find a cure for the zombies, they just had a "camouflage" which was basically just a medicine that makes the person who takes some invisible\unnoticed by the undead. World War Z was a great production that I will rate an "awesome." (Six out of seven.) And by the way, how in hell could any creatures with human origin climb on top of each other like that. They're humans, not ants!!!

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